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Development Strategy

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The mission is to create maximum economic benefits for the shareholders of the Bank and in ensuring the needs of each client in banking services of high quality and reliability.

The Bank sees its activities in providing corporate clients active in the real economy (primarilyentrepreneurial units), and individuals of the complex of modern banking products and services for a successful business and cost savings.

Since the formation of the Bank, its business principles are:

  • ensuring the competence, adaptability, reliability, and legal purity of transactions (all transactions comply with the legislation of Uzbekistan);
  • knowledge of the clients ‘ business, financial partnership, establishment of long-term, constructive and mutually beneficial relations with reliable partners;
  • providing clients with a complete package of financial services, constantly updating them and creating new financial products, including non-standard demanded by the market;
  • respect for the entrusted funds of clients and shareholders and increase its;
  • a comprehensive and quality service to customers, protection of their capital and income on the basis of banking activities with reasonable approaches to balance of profit and risks, maximum protection from unmanaged risks;
  • the combination of universal banking technology with a personal approach to the situation and problems of each client;
  • ensuring transparency, openness and maximum predictability of all actions of the Bank;
  • formation of business and corporate culture of employees, creating conditions for full realization of their (employees’) abilities and professional skills, providing decent remuneration for their work.

Corporate values

  • optimization of reliable control systems that ensure the enhancement of clients ‘ funds.
  • a long-term relationship with a client is the absolute priority in the ratio yield/risk selection in favor of a more modest but stable income with minimal risk.
  • personnel policy is aimed at securing the best personnel, creation of conditions for professional growth and an atmosphere of stability personnel.

Bank’s kredo

  • to meet the needs of its customers as fully as possibleby providing a universal set of services throughout the Republic and beyond its borders.
  • tomake a flexible approach to the needs of corporate and private clients, as well as government agencies and organizations.
  • to act as a reliable partner for business development clients.
  • to facilitate the implementation of important socio-economic programs and investment in the real sector of the economy.

The concept of development of Bank as a universal, client-oriented is the same over the coming years. The current strategic priorities of the Bank are:

  • achieve optimum risk – return operations,
  • development of new perspective directions of business
  • consolidation of the achieved level of universal commercial Bank.

The main strategic objectives of the Bank are:

  • profit.
  • minimization of risks.
  • increase the efficiency of the Bank.
  • maintain impeccable business reputation while increasing the publicity activities of the Bank.
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