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Business plan

Update date: 2 March 2023, 17:36

The main directions of the development in 2023 according to Business Plan (approved by the Bank Council by 30.11.2022)

Private Joint Stock Bank “Trustbank” has intention to provide the growth of absolute and relative financial indicators to the level, which is necessary to strengthen its position on the bank services market and on financial market as one of the developed banks in Uzbekistan.

Strategic aims of the development:

  • maximization of the profit through the growth of bank’s performance by increasing revenue and reducing expenses;
  • raising the level of bank capitalization, strengthening financial-economic indicators on the capital adequacy, liquidity and stability in accordance with the international bank prudential standards;
  • qualitative and quantitative extension of corporate customers base and individual customers base on every direction of the bank activity, reduction of the large depositors concentration;
  • active attraction of the corporate customers’ and individuals’ resources on term deposits and increase of the long-term resources base;
  • raise of the quality of assets, enlargement the practice of short-term credits, fulfilling systematic job on recovery of problematic credits, overdue arrears on main debt and percentage, taking actions on prevention of possible arrears in the future;
  • simplification of credit issues, optimization of the analysis and evaluation of borrowers’ creditworthiness (widely using practice of scoring model, credit conveyor), diversification of loan portfolio;
  • developing products Intend and Lendo (product installments);
  • development of the activity of LLC “Trast muamalat” on the introduction of the Islamic Window service;
  • increasing the number and coverage of remote banking services, including contactless payments; wide use of the automatic scoring system, digital identification and credit conveyor; introduction of new concepts and technologies in banking sphere (marketplace, voice technologies);
  • implementation of software for the possibility of withdrawing money from a deposit, regardless of the location of the branch that received the first deposit;
  • attraction of credit lines;
  • development of regional branch network and Bank services centers, new branches opening;
  • yearly certification of Quality Management System standards based on ISO 9001:2015 and Anti-Bribery Management System standards based on ISO 37001:2016;
  • certification Data security standards based on ISO 27001:2013;
  • increasing the quality of financial statement with considering new requirements of classification and evaluation financial assets by International standard of financial reports (№9);
  • development of methods of HR work, raising financial literacy of staff and population, provision of “Learning center” effective job;

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