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HR policy

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The Bank considers the development of human resources as the main condition for the fulfillment of the strategic tasks. The intensification of labor of bank employees, the mass development of new products and technologies, the expansion of the authority and responsibility of specialists and middle managers require the setting of new goals and priorities of the personnel management system.

The main task of the Bank's personnel policy for 2018 will be further improvement of the Bank's personnel's qualification, creation of a team of professionals capable of meeting the strategic development objectives of the Bank.

The Bank's personnel policy is formed in accordance with the Bank's development strategy. The personnel policy is based on the principle of the interrelation between the Bank's high performance and the creation of an effective team of professionals. Successful work of competent and motivated employees is an integral part of the Bank's success.

When implementing the personnel policy, the Bank is guided by the comprehensive development of professional, business and personal qualities of employees, offering new sources of motivation; welcomes innovative and flexible approaches to work, introducing a feedback system; supports a modern corporate culture, relying on traditional corporate values.

Personnel policy has a transparent and understandable corporate governance system that meets international standards and provides opportunities for maximizing the potential of human resources, which are one of the Bank's main advantages.

All the components of the Personnel Policy are aligned in such a way as to ensure maximum flexibility of the Bank, its ability not only to adapt quickly and effectively to changes in socio-political and external economic factors, but also to initiate and successfully implement the necessary changes and innovations.

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