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Invitation page

Update date: 17 August 2020, 14:59

Private Joint-Stock Bank "Trustbank" invites entrepreneurs and investors to implement projects!

1. Conditions for receiving funding by International Islamic Trade Finance Corporation (ITFC):

The amount of the agreement concluded between PJSB "Trustbank" and ITFC on 12.11.2018

US$ 8,000,000.

Objective of project

Purchase of goods acceptable for ITFC

Financing method

By opening a letter of credit with further financing

Aссeptable project for financing

1) The project must comply with the Sharia standards (as determined with any guideline that provided by the Sharia Committee);

2) After an appropriate assessment which is financially sustainable and technically viable;

Prohibited Funding

1) Production, sale or offer of alcoholic beverages, pork, weapons, tobacco products, drugs, etc.

2) Businesses in tourism, defense, hospitality, gambling, nightclub or pornography

3) Supply of equipment, machinery and raw materials or other assets from the country of Israel and Iran

Special conditions

1) ITFC funds can be allocated by the Bank only for financing clients from groups 1 and 2 in accordance with the current methodology of the Bank for risk assessment.

2) ITFC funds should not be allocated by the Bank to those customers who have a cumulative delay in payments to ITFC in the amount of 30 days or more.

Minimum amount of project

US$ 100,000.00

Maximum amount of project

US$ 2,000,000.00



One-time commission for providing bank guarantees

3,5% from the amount of the bank guarantee

Financing term

Up to 12 months

Grace period for repayment financing



The company is obliged to insure the purchased Goods during transit until the buyer receives the goods completely.


The principal payment and the financial markup are repaid by equal monthly / quarterly payments in US dollars and / or by converting the national currency into US dollars

Security of bank guarantee for the timely fulfillment of financing obligations of ITFC

Real estate, vehicles (surety of third parties is allowed only for additional security)

2. The credit line of “Eximbank of Russia”

Purpose of project:

Purchase of technological equipment and goods, as well as payment for services rendered and work performed

Country of origin of the supplied equipment:


The main criteria for referring a transaction to the program is the share of the Russian component (which must be at least 30%), as well as compliance with the TN VED / OKVED codes of the supplied goods and services.

Financing scheme of main contract for the supply :

Participation is set depending on the project, maybe 100% at the expense of a credit line.

Interest rate:

8% per annum of the loan amount for all types of currencies (rubles, US dollars, Euro)


- short-term financing up to 1 year

- medium-term financing from 1 to 5 years

- long-term financing over 5 years

Grace period:

- up to 6 months

Insurance premium of "EXIAR"

- up to 1 year 0%;

- from 1 year or more than 0.3% to 1.5% per annum of the loan amount (formed depending on the terms of the loan and the duration of the project)

Loan repayment :

In foreign currency (loan currency by conversion)

The principal debt of the loan is repaid in equal monthly payments after the end of the grace period.

Interest repayment:

Interest is calculated on the selected and outstanding loan amount for actually past days which is based on 365 days a year and is charged monthly by conversion

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