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Working hours: MO-FR 09:00-18:00
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«Trust-Mobile» service – mobile bank for legal entities and individual entrepreneurs – provides clients with mobile full-featured 24-hour access to their bank accounts and allows managing their bank accounts from mobile devices via Internet similar to the system of «Internet-Bank».

The service is available on iOS and Android platforms.

Features of «Trust-Mobile»:

  • Creating, signing and sending payment orders to the Bank;
  • Sending payment orders with future valuation date;
  • Using payment templates, including templates created in the system of «Internet-Bank»;
  • Using directories of correspondent banks, banks of the Republic of Uzbekistan, foreign currency exchange rates;
  • Tracking status of documents;
  • Receiving statements of all bank accounts for the indicated period from the account opening date.

In order to use «Trust-Mobile» service, one needs to:

  1. Connect to «Internet-Bank» system of «Trustbank»;
  2. Sign mobile banking services agreement;
  3. Download and install required software.

No further registration is required. All products of distance banking of «Trustbank» use single EDS key

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