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Deposits 6

  • How is interest calculated on the deposit?

    Interest on the deposit is calculated the next day starting from the day of its receipt by the Bank until the day preceding its return to the Depositor.

    Interest is not accrued in the period when, due to the seizure of the Depositor's account, the Bank could not use the funds available on this account.
  • Where can a deposit be opened?

    Deposits can be opened by visiting a bank office or using the bank's services remotely and making a deposit through the “TrustPay” mobile application.
  • Is it possible to close the deposit if the return date falls on weekends or holidays?

    If the deposit was opened at the office of the Bank and the returndepositday is on weekends or holidays, then the deposit is returned on the next banking business day.

    If the deposit was made through the "TrustPay" mobile application, then the deposit is returned within the period specified in the agreement.
  • How will interest be calculated if I withdraw my deposit ahead of time?

    In order to withdraw the entire amount, the depositor will need to terminate the deposit ahead of schedule. The bank has the right to impose penalties and recalculate interest, regardless of whether they have already been paid to the depositor or not. The conditions for early withdrawal of funds from the deposit is mandatory for the accrual of interest specified in the agreement when placing the deposit.
  • What is meant by partial withdrawal of funds from a deposit?

    Partial withdrawal means that you can withdraw part of the funds from your account without losing the accumulated interest. Partial withdrawal deposits allow you to freely dispose of your savings without fear of losing interest. The client of the bank, who unexpectedly needed a part of the investments, can fully appreciate all the advantages of such deposits.
  • Do I need to warn the bank about the early termination of the agreement?

    Both in case of full early termination and case of partial withdrawal of funds, the depositor must notify the bank in advance of his intentions (as a rule - 1 month before the date of withdrawal of the deposit).
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