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Update date:  12 June 2020, 14:01

Plastic bank cards offer a convenient and reliable financial transaction tool used all over the world. Due to a widely developed infrastructure of payment with plastic cards nowadays it is possible to pay with a plastic card for purchases in supermarkets, different types of services, cellular communications, air or rail tickets etc. Plastic cards can be used at any place, equipped with electronic terminal.

Advantages of plastic cards:

  • efficient and accurate payments;
  • safety of resources;
  • accumulation of funds.

You can conduct following operations with plastic card:

  • Full or partial topping-up of plastic card;
  • Transfer of funds from closed to open balance (money from open balance can be spent without authorization);
  • Change of card PIN – it is also possible to change it by terminal;
  • Obtaining information on transactions completed (cash withdrawal, account top-up, payment for goods and services) – it is also possible to get it by terminal;
  • Receiving card balance statement – it is also possible to get it by terminal;
  • Withdrawal of cash.
In case if You have any questions please feel free to contact International Plastic Cards

Telephone: (+998 71) 207 62 27; (+998 71) 207 62 28

International plastic Cards

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