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A microloan is a modern kind of solution to financial problems.

Microloans are issued to citizens who have a permanent residence permit in the city or region where the lending Branch is located. Abovementioned citizens should be capable of acquiring and exercising civil rights in accordance with the Civil Code of the Republic of Uzbekistan, possess stable income sufficient to repay microloan and pay interest on it within the terms established by the loan agreement. Microloans are provided by transferring funds to plastic cards, with the purpose of purchase of goods, services (and others), for a period of 12 months.

Terms of Microloan





In the amount of up to 100-fold the minimum wage established in the Republic of Uzbekistan

Up to 12 months


- The guarantee of an individual who has a permanent place of work and a permanent salary or guarantee of a legal entity;

- Pledge in the form of real estate;

- Pledge in the form of a vehicle;

- Pledge in the form of cash.

The borrower/client provides the following documents for a microloan:

a) an application for a microloan;

b) passport (residence permit);

c) certificate confirming the client's income during the last 12 (twelve) months, if the borrower/client has been working for less than 12 months, then the certificate must indicate the income received during the period of work;

d) a copy of the taxpayer identification number (STIR) certificate;

e) other types of collateral not prohibited by law.

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